Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NC-Sen Bad Polling at it's best, Ras

Thank you, Rasmussen pollsters for giving North Carolina and Senate candidate Elaine Marshall one of the most pessimistic and worst conducted polls in the 2010 election cycle.

Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll on the 2010 NC Senate race shortly after Public Policy Polling released a highly anticipated poll showing a 38 to 33 percent spread between Elaine Marshall and incumbent Senator Richard Burr. The PPP poll showed Libertarian candidate Mike Beitler picking up 10%. Any semi-intelligent and semi-coherent North Carolina political analyst knows that Libertarians make up a large and fairly vocal part of NC politics especially in the East region of the state.

Rasmussen DID NOT INCLUDE the Libertarian candidate in their poll, they also did not provide any information on the methodology of this specific poll, and did not provide the wording of any of the questions.

The poll gave Elaine Marshall 37% and Richard Burr 52%, 52! It is ridiculous that Rasmussen expects that this poll could be considered legitimate. Their last poll in North Carolina showed Burr-Marshall to be a ONE POINT race at 44-43. They explain away the 8 point drop for Burr and 6 point gain for Marshall in last months poll as a fluke or "a big bounce" following her runoff victory.

It is pretty clear that by excluding Mike Beitler from the poll, Rasmussen helps cover up cracks in Republican Party unity in North Carolina, and tries to show a fracture in Democratic Party unity. Republican votes will be siphoned off in votes for Mike Beitler, and Democrats will vote for Elaine Marshall in November, the question is in what numbers, and GOTV will be our job.

Rasmussen seems to be blatantly attempting to portray Elaine Marshall as a weaker candidate in their poll, following a strong showing for Secretary Marshall in the previous PPP and Ras polls. The NC Senate race will be one of the most highly contested races, and will be a Republican incumbent seat turned yellow-dog blue. Rasmussen does not want DNC, DSCC, and progressive money flowing into North Carolina, and they do not want the media putting North Carolina on their toss-up list, or leaning blue column. It is too late, soon that national media and bloggers will pick up on what is happening in North Carolina: a real grassroots campaign that has not been highly visible to them, because it is a REAL grassroots campaign. Elaine Marshall, remember the name.

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